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Easiest Way to Cook Perfect Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun)


Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun). Great recipe for Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun). This is often rolled and eaten as a hand food, the base does not need to crisp up completely. It can be eaten with any topping but usually is eaten with minced lamb as seen here.

Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun) Normally it is not prepared at home since it involves working with dough and it tastes better in a wood oven just like pizza. Even though lahmacun is popularly nicknamed Turkish pizza, that name doesn't really do justice to what this crunchy, doughy treat topped with spicy minced meat truly represents. In Turkey, lahmacun is the ultimate street food and a favorite lunchtime snack. You can cook Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun) using 15 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun)

  1. You need of the base.
  2. You need of pizza flour (200 grams) plus 2 tablespoons pizza flour. Use plain flour if you can't get pizza flour.
  3. It’s of fine sea salt or salt substitute.
  4. It’s of fine granulated sugar.
  5. You need of good quality olive oil.
  6. You need of water, or a little more depending on dryness of dough. It should be flexible and smooth not sticky.
  7. It’s of topping.
  8. You need of of fresh parsley or 1/2 bunch fresh coriander.
  9. You need of clove of garlic.
  10. Prepare of onion, chopped.
  11. You need of tomato.
  12. Prepare of green or 1/2 red chilli.
  13. You need of ground lamb or bought marinaded and very fine cubed tofu or vegetarian mince.
  14. Prepare of fresh ground pepper.
  15. Prepare of tomato paste.

It can be found at numerous street stalls as well as in virtually any traditional Turkish restaurant, but also in kebab eateries where they. This spicy, crispy Turkish Pizza, called 'Lahmacun' is a famous Turkish street food that can be made at home easily. Picture it as a flavor-packed crispy flatbread topped with seasoned beef or lamb, fresh mint, red onions, crumbled cheese, and lemon juice. I have an affinity for Turkish food, a.

Sig's Pizza from Turkey ( Lahmacun) instructions

  1. For the base sieve the flour onto a worktop. Make a well in the middle and add the salt and sugar into well..
  2. Add the olive oil gradually. Work into the flour. Add 150 ml water slowly work into the dough until smooth and flexible. You may not need all the water or a little more if to dry ..
  3. Wrap into a damp clean cloth and chill for 30 minutes.
  4. Lightly dust the dough with flour on removing from fridge. Break into 4 equal pieces..
  5. For the topping chop the parsley or coriander, garlic and onions. Set aside..
  6. Peel the tomato and finely chopped it. Chop the chilli very finely..
  7. Place all ingredients for topping into bowl add 2 tablespoons of water , knead thoroughly through until well mixed..
  8. Dust worktop with flour, flatten dough pieces with hand then roughly roll out into a very thin base. Carefully lift onto baking tray keeping the shape..
  9. Add the lamb or tofu topping mix and spread over pizza base with your hands.
  10. Bake in a preheated oven at 400 f/ 200 C for about 10 minutes or to your liking.
  11. Remember that it does not need to be crispy like a normal pizza if you want to roll it, it should be a littke bit like a wrap with crispy edges . For this purpose the dough is cooked after ten minutes. You may crisp it uo more if you want to serve it as a pizza. Take care not to burn it as the base is very thin. Serve either hot or cold with some lemon slices to squeeze the juice over the filling..

Unlike pizza, traditional lahmacun doesn't contain cheese and is mostly made ground beef or lamb. Lahmacun is of Middle Eastern origin, specifically the Levant. Variations of it are popular in Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon and Syria, all of which were once part of the Ottoman empire. Pide and lamacun can often be. Lahmacun is originally from the southeastern part of Turkey famous for its spicy kebabs and other meat dishes.

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