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Easiest Way to Cook Yummy Microwave cup pizza…


Microwave cup pizza…. My Microwave Mug Pizza is a real meal made using good quality ingredients.. The end result should look something like this: YouTube/Gemma Stafford. According to Stafford, a pizza mug is just as good as a freshly delivered pizza from your favorite Italian joint. "It tastes just like pizza.

Microwave cup pizza... Domino's Australia shared a hack for reheating pizza in a microwave with a cup of water but an culinary expert says there are some variables to consider. WELCOME TO YUMMY FOOD & FASHION. Microwave mug meals are the perfect thing to make if you want a quick and easy meal that's still super tasty and filling. You can have Microwave cup pizza… using 9 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Microwave cup pizza…

  1. It’s of plain flour.
  2. You need of baking powder.
  3. It’s of bi carbonate of soda.
  4. You need of salt.
  5. Prepare of milk.
  6. You need of olive oil.
  7. It’s of tomato pasta sauce.
  8. You need of grated mozzarella cheese.
  9. You need of oregano.

These delicious microwave recipes are great for dorm living, office kitchens, or just a quick bite to eat on the go! Combine the flour, oregano, baking powder, baking soda, salt and garlic powder in a microwave-safe mug. If you're concerned about your pizza getting soggy, try putting a piece of paper towel on the plate under your pizza. Then, put a small ceramic cup full of water in the microwave alongside the pizza to help fluff up the crust.

Microwave cup pizza… step by step

  1. Add flour, baking powder, bicarb and salt and mix well. Add the milk and olive oil and stir with a knife making sure to mix it well Spoon over with the tomato sauce and then scatter cheese over. Add a little sprinkle of oregano on top. Microwave for 1 minute..

Quench that craving with this incredibly easy pizza in a mug recipe. The dough is made from refrigerated biscuits that you can find at your local grocery store. Top the biscuit off with spaghetti sauce, and your favorite toppings for a quick and easy single-serving pizza. Select a microwave safe wide bottomed coffee mug, ramekin, or small bowl and flip upside down on the corner of the pizza crust. Trace around the outside of the mug with a knife.

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