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Recipe: Appetizing Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza


Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza. EASY TURKISH PIZZA / LAHMACUN with Lamb, Feta and fresh Herbs. This Turkish pizza is packed with rich lamb and fresh herbs. The feta cheese adds a salty kick and the flat bread is a perfect base.

Lahmacun - Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza Normally it is not prepared at home since it involves working with dough and it tastes better in a wood oven just like pizza. But since I am away from home and there is no proper kebap. Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza This is a quintessential Turkish classic dish. You can cook Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza using 17 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza

  1. It’s of For the dough:.
  2. You need of water.
  3. You need of milk.
  4. Prepare of and 1/2 cup flour.
  5. It’s of easy bake yeast.
  6. It’s of sugar.
  7. You need of salt.
  8. Prepare of For the top:.
  9. Prepare of minced lamb.
  10. It’s of onions.
  11. It’s of tomatoes.
  12. You need of garlic.
  13. Prepare of green pepper.
  14. Prepare of parsley.
  15. It’s of chilli paste.
  16. It’s of Ground pepper.
  17. It’s of Salt.

Traditionally, Turkish lahmacun is made with minced lamb, but you can also use lean ground beef. What makes the topping special is the combination of flavors. In this lahmacun recipe, I use a food processor to create the topping. Circular flatbreads topped with a thin spread of spiced lamb and baked fast and hot until they are crisp, these delicious pizza-like treats originated in the Ottoman Empire, especially Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

Lahmacun – Turkish minced lamb pitta/pizza instructions

  1. Let's start with the dough first. I prefer using milk and water mixture for my dough but all water would be fine. Mix half cup of milk with half cup of hot water, add some sugar and mix. In a large bowl, mix the mixture with 2 and a half cup of flour, yeast and salt..
  2. The dough will have a sticky texture. It should be medium hard; not so soft, not so hard..
  3. Close the bowl with cling film and let it rest for an hour in a warm dark place..
  4. While the dough getting ready we can prepare the topping. Finely chop all the vegetables and add them to the minced lamb. Don't forget the skin the tomatoes. Add the chilli paste, pepper and salt..
  5. This is how the topping should look like..
  6. When the dough ready, it should approximately be double the original size..
  7. Now we can start working on our base. You have to work with flour in every step. Add pitch of flour whenever you are touching or trying to give shape..
  8. Lahmacun and pitta have different shapes. Lahmacun is circular shaped like pizza and pitta ("pide") is oval. The shape and size all depends on your preference and oven trays. The base should be quite thin. Here is lahmacun base..
  9. Here is pitta (pide) base:.
  10. Place the bases on to the oven trays with baking papers. And put some toppings..
  11. Spread the topping so that all the base is covered. For pitta, fold the edges inside..
  12. Put them in a 200 degree Celsius pre-heated oven. And cook until top and bottom is golden; approximately 30-40min..
  13. Enjoy it with a touch of lemon. I almost always drink "ayran" along with it; which is a yogurt drink. I hope you enjoy too. "Afiyet olsun!"..

The name comes from the Arabic lahm b'ajin (meat with dough) – lahmacun in Turkish. Vegan lahmacun, Turkish pizza Cup of Cigdem.. • If you like to make the meat version of the original lahmacun recipe all you need to do is replacing the Quorn mince with minced lamb or beef. This Turkish-style pizza is a Turkish flat bread layered with a fresh sauce composed of tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and minced lamb cooked with a flavorful selection of Mediterranean spices. It is normally garnished with fresh salad and a creamy garlic sauce and or a tangy zesty hot red pepper sauce. It's also referred to as Turkish pizza, Armenian pizza, Syrian pizza and Lebanese pizza in some recipes and translated restaurant menus.

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