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Recipe: Tasty Kiwani's Italian Pizza


Kiwani's Italian Pizza. Restaurants near Kiwanis Holiday Lights, Mankato on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato, Minnesota. Restaurants near Kiwanis Park, Tempe on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Kiwanis Park in Tempe, Arizona.. Restaurants near Kiwanis Lake, York on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Kiwanis Lake in York, Pennsylvania.

Kiwani's Italian Pizza It was a LOT of food, though. Famous for our fire brick oven pizza and homemade Italian Ice and custard! On the corner of Oak Hill and Witherall St. You can cook Kiwani's Italian Pizza using 13 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Kiwani's Italian Pizza

  1. You need of Dough.
  2. You need 400 g of strong white bread flour.
  3. It’s 7 g of easy yeast.
  4. You need 1 teaspoon of white sugar.
  5. Prepare 1 teaspoon of salt.
  6. It’s of Sauce.
  7. Prepare 1 tin of plum tomatoes.
  8. It’s 3 of whole garlic cloves.
  9. Prepare 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  10. Prepare 1 teaspoon of salt.
  11. It’s 1 teaspoon of dark brown sugar.
  12. Prepare of Generous handful of fresh basil leaves.
  13. You need 1 tablespoon of tomato puree.

Please check venue websites for details. Carroll says: Here's what people are saying: Even through Grubhub Crust Simply Italian in downtown Chandler, AZ met my dietary restrictions by creating the most wonderful gluten-free, parmigiana supreme pizza! Add the organic salad and I was in heaven. Crust Simply Italian made my Saturday Movie Night.

Kiwani's Italian Pizza instructions

  1. Place the flour in a large mixing bowl and make a small hole in the middle of the flour with your finger. Pour into the hole the yeast, salt, sugar and slowly add 340ml of lukewarm water whilst gently mixing with a fork..
  2. Once conbined and mixed thoroughly, flour your hands and smooth the dough into a ball, adding a pinch of flour occasionally if too wet..
  3. Flour a board and place the dough ball on the board and be sure to collect all of the dough from around the inside of the bowl and add to the ball. Vigorously kneed the dough into a smooth ball pressing it against the flat surface and folding air into the dough. This gives it a lighter bubbly texture..
  4. Get a clean mixing bowl and add a drizzle of olive oil to ensure dough doesn't stick to the bowl. Place the dough ball in the middle of the bowl into the oil and then turn it over to cover it in the oil. Wrap with cling film and place in a warm place for a minimum of 45 minutes. We turn on the oven for 5 minutes and then turn it off again so that it's warm enough to prove..
  5. Peel and bruise the garlic cloves and add to a medium frying pan on a medium heat, adding the olive oil. Fry the cloves until they start colouring, then add the plum tomatoes. Simmer for 5 minutes before adding the salt, dark brown sugar and basil..
  6. Continue to simmer until the structure of the tomatoes breaks down into a pulp. To test gently press on a tomato with a wooden spoon. Finally add the puree and mix into the sauce thoroughly, then remove from the heat and rest..
  7. Once proving time has completed and dough is roughly double the size, remove from the bowl and place on floured board ready to portion and roll. Cut the dough in half for 2 large pizzas at roughly 12-14 inches each, or into thirds for 3 medium pizzas at roughly 8-9 inches each. Preheat the oven to 270 degrees Celsius or as high as it will go..
  8. Roll each individual dough in a generous amount of flour and dust a rolling pin. Kneed the dough adding more air into it and shape it into a smooth, round, floured ball. Flatten with your palm and use the rolling pin to roll out the dough as flat as possible without breaking it. It should roll out to about 4mm or 5mm thick and allow you to pick it up and manipulate..
  9. Place each rolled base onto a pizza tin or pizza stone and gently roll the edges up so the base is nice and round. This gives your crusts a doughy bread like texture. Leave the base flat if you don't wish to have this texture..
  10. On the base now add 2 tablespoons of the sauce and spread around the circular middle of the pizza taking care not to get any on your crust, liquid on crust stops it from being doughy. Add mozzarella, any other toppings (we use olives and pepperoni usually, just olives in the picture), a handful of basil and finally black pepper..
  11. Place the pizza in the middle shelf in the oven and watch it cook. It will take between 5 and 15 minutes depending on how thick you have rolled your dough and how hot you can make your oven. It will be cooked when the dough has browned and the cheese has melted and bubbling..
  12. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 3 minutes before using a pizza cutter to divide into slices. This is so that your pizza sauce and dough have time to bind with the cheese and thus will be less sloppy and messy when eating..

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. It's a Mom and Pop place with an authentic Italian feel. It's like a taste of Italy imported to Arizona. Had a rice ball that was to die for. Everything about it was fresh homemade and delicious.

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