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Recipe: Tasty Mom's Pizza


Mom's Pizza. Discover Deals on the Pizza You Deserve with Papa Johns®. Order Your Delivery or Carryout Meal Online Today! Mom's Pizza menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by

Mom's Pizza The people there were super nice — greeted me very politely and smiled the whole time. Pizza was hot and fresh when it came out, and it was really tasty. Order Online for Takeout / Delivery. You can cook Mom's Pizza using 12 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mom's Pizza

  1. It’s of active dry yeast.
  2. You need of milk.
  3. You need of sugar.
  4. Prepare of butter/margarine.
  5. You need of egg.
  6. It’s of all-purpose flour.
  7. Prepare of salt.
  8. Prepare of basil, thyme, rosemary, etc.
  9. You need of garlic.
  10. Prepare of grated soft cheese.
  11. It’s of pasta sauce.
  12. You need of peppers, onions, pepperoni, olives, etc.

Here at Mom's Pizza – Arlington you'll experience delicious Pizza, Salads, Pasta, Italian cuisine. Try our mouth-watering dishes, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients! At Mom's Pizza, our recipe for success is simple – Great food & care makes customers return every time. View Mom's Pizza's menu / deals + Schedule delivery now.

Mom's Pizza instructions

  1. Heat up milk until warm. Dissolve sugar and add yeast to bloom..
  2. Mix flour, salt, herbs and chopped garlic in separate bowl..
  3. Combine yeast mixture to flour mix along with the egg and butter..
  4. Once ingredients are combined, knead on floured surface for at least 10 minutes. Pro-tip: you may need to sprinkle a little water or flour into dough depending on weather and altitude..
  5. Set in larger buttered bowl for around 1-2 hours to rise and double or triple in size..
  6. Spread on pizza sheet and let sit for 40 minutes to rise again..
  7. Spread pasta sauce and toppings and soft cheese of your choice..
  8. Bake in preheated oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes..

About Restaurant Owners Text me the App. Mom's Pizza is not currently open. Place a future order or find other great pizzerias around you! Mom's Pizza; Get to Know Us. I have been going to moms for sometime and the pizza and homemade pasta in my view has always been fantastic and still is.

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